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Culture lessons in Amsterdam

Can my child take dance lessons nearby our house?

Where can I follow music lessons?

The Youth Fund Sport & Culture Amsterdam (Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur) often hears these questions.

With this website we show how large the range is.

And where children from 2 to 17 years old can participate with culture lessons.

You can search for a word or for a type of lesson.

Such as music, dance, theater or arts.

This website only lists courses and the location of the lessons.
-The courses last an entire school year
-And the teachers are professional.

So you really can participate for a whole schoolyear and from proffesionals.

Enter your own zip code or street name or class type and find the best classes in your area.

The Youth Fund Sport & Culture Amsterdam/Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur Amsterdam

[..] believes that all Amsterdam and Weesper children should be able to participate in culture lessons. We advertise culture classes. And we possibly can pay the tuition if parents have a low income.

Culture is ballet, street dance, hip-hop. Making music, painting, rap. Musical and marching band. Theatre. Writing poetry, designing clothes, making jewelery and much moreā€¦

Culture belongs to and for everyone!

Do you have a Stadspas for your child? Then we can help you pay for the cultural lessons. Go to our website: www.jeugdfondssportencultuur.nl/amsterdam

Do you not want to apply yourself or do you not have a Stadspas but do have a low income? Then you can have an intermediary ask whether we pay for culture lessons. An intermediary can be a school teacher, the doctor, social counselors.

Good news: does your child want to take music lessons? Then you can borrow a musical instrument for free.