Art club for kids

Art club at Kids art club " de Amsterdammertjes "


During the art lessons, the children learn about visual aspects, different art forms, artists and art movements. Each lesson focuses on a learning objective. This can be learning about a certain image aspect or a certain artist or art movement, but also discovering different materials.


The children learn to work out their ideas with, for example, clay, paint, cardboard and all kinds of other materials. The assignments are generally framed, but within the framework there is a lot of room to experiment, research, try out and create in your own way. This way every child can bring their own image to reality in his or her artwork in his or her own personal way.


I think it's important that the children are encouraged to make their own choices for their artwork, but you can always be inspired! In this way I hope to increase the self-confidence of the children in what they can do! I want to tell the children that nothing is right or wrong when making art and that we learn from the process.

And of course we have a lot of fun together while discovering and experimenting with art!


For whom? Children from 5 to 12 years old.

When? Wednesday: 15.45 - 17.15

or Thursday 15.30 - 17.00