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Urban dance

Do you love hip hop or rap music, but have you never done anything with street dance or hip hop dance? Then come dance with us! You can start with a hip hop beginner group, in which you get to know the different street styles and hip hop moves. You get to work on performance, movements, expression, timing and feeling. Dance experience is not necessary; sense of rhythm is useful!

The title urban dance includes various dance forms from street culture: street dance, hip hop and break dance. At Scholen in de Kunst you combine these various dance forms and you learn to develop your own dance style. The music in our dance lessons is often uptempo, with a nice beat.

Street dance, also called hip-hop dance, is a collective name for dance forms that have been developed on the street, in clubs and in secondary schools. Street dance can be seen as a part of hip-hop culture. Characteristics of street dance are, among other things, improvisation and encouragement by bystanders and fellow dancers. There is often a strong social interaction between dancers and bystanders. In the Netherlands, street dance is practiced more in dance studios and schools than on the street. And improvisation has increasingly made way for (group) choreographies.

Breakdance is a specialization within street/hip-hop dance and a bit more difficult. In break dance, the different types of movements are divided into four groups: top rock (standing dancing), footwork (from a squatting position), power moves and freezes (poses). Breakdance is even more about having your own style, originality and expression. You will also learn that at Scholen in de Kunst!

Why should you choose street dance/hip hop?

● because you just love to dance;

● in street dance there is a lot of room for improvisation;

● you don't have to be super flexible;

● street dance is a mix of hip hop, jazz and funk and that means dancing to good music is guaranteed!;

● in street dance you find the right balance between your body and the beat;

● you can develop your own style in street dance;

● you do street dance together with others;

● for street dance you can also get a lot of inspiration from video clips;

● there are regular opportunities to perform in front of an audience;

● you can make use of a special discount to visit dance performances in the theaters in Amersfoort.

We offer different courses in urban dance: you can do hip hop, street dance, or break dance - and that is possible from the age of six! Groups are classified by age, such as 6-7, 10-12, 12-15. Check out our website for current class times and groups, or call us with your question!