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Our trumpet lessons are for children from the age of six. The trumpet is a suitable instrument for children because of the following things:

● with the trumpet you play different genres such as classical, pop and jazz. Children can discover which music they like the most;

● the sound of the trumpet fits in between, giving many possibilities;

● the trumpet is lightweight and is therefore also easy to carry for a child;

● it is relatively easy to learn to play the trumpet. Most children therefore make rapid progress;

● the smaller trumpet for children is a relatively inexpensive instrument.

A good age to start playing the trumpet is 7 or 8 years old. The teachers check for each individual whether you are physically able to play the trumpet. Our teachers will advise you well about this.

The most important thing about making music is, of course, that you enjoy it. To ensure that you also enjoy it, during the trumpet lesson ample attention is paid to technical aspects such as breathing, embouchure (the position of your lips) and posture. For this you often get separate exercises in addition to the pieces to be played to ensure that you continue to develop. This guarantees years of playing pleasure!

In addition to these exercises, real pieces of music are played. Some with, and others without CD. The nice thing about the pieces with CD is that you can practice at home with piano accompaniment or even an entire orchestra. There are many great books, ranging from classical and film to musical and pop. With these bits you can really steal the show when you have a gig! In addition, the lesson already lays a foundation for playing together. You can do duets with your teacher or your classmate, or maybe even just the three of you! This only increases the fun.