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Oboe Hoogland

The oboe is a wooden wind instrument that consists of a long tube with holes and valves. The oboe produces a powerful and penetrating sound. The challenge of this wind instrument lies in the control of breathing. The oboe's sound is also very clear. That is why the oboe in an orchestra can often be heard very well. The sound of the oboe is created by the two vibrating reed plates in the instrument. These reed plates vibrate when air is blown through the oboe.

The oboe is a fun instrument for children. For most children it is a nice challenge to play in one of our youth orchestras. Playing together is fun and educational for your child.

The oboe is one of the more difficult wind instruments. That's why our experienced teachers are happy to help your children learn to play. It is also important that there is sufficient practice outside of class. If children practice more often, they will master it faster.

Do you already have experience playing the oboe? Our oboists have decades of experience. There is plenty for everyone to learn!