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Modern dance

Are you inquisitive at heart and into experiment? Then modern dance is for you!

Modern dance is hot! You probably know it from television programs like SYTYCD, The Dance Battle and Everybody Dance Now. Modern dance is for young and old, flashy, sensitive, acrobatic, dramatic and humorous. A feast for the eyes, but above all fantastic to experience for yourself!

While you make a lot of shapes in classical ballet, in this lesson you will discover what you can make with your body for free, natural movements. Rolling, falling, swinging, jumping, diving, making acrobatic moves and much more. You will discover modern dance techniques and will be amazed at your own dance talent. Unlike classical ballet, modern dance is based on the natural movements of the body: bending, stretching, jumping, swinging and falling. You learn dance techniques, with which you can express yourself well in dance. Having fun comes first!

Why should you choose modern dance?

● modern dance is much freer than classical ballet;

● dance makes you flexible: your muscles become longer;

● you don't have to dance on pointe, but enjoy bare feet or socks;

● there are no tight clothing regulations;

● modern dance is already a sport; your condition improves by leaps and bounds;

● modern dance is fun: you do it together with others, have fun and move a lot;

● in modern dance you can put a lot of emotion in the dance;

● there are regular opportunities to perform in front of an audience;

● you learn a lot about choreography and you can develop yourself in it;

● you can make use of a special discount scheme to visit dance performances in the theaters in Amersfoort.

We offer modern dance classes from eight years old, in different groups, such as 8-12, 12-15, 15-20. Check out our site for current class times, groups and which course would suit you. Or call us with your questions!