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Guitar Hoogland

The guitar is a versatile instrument. Styles such as classical music, flamenco, country and western and chord accompaniment are among the possibilities of the classical guitar.

You can start with guitar lessons from the age of 6. For the first few years, classes are often taught in small groups. When putting together these groups, the age and playing level of the students is taken into account. Children learn quickly with daily practice. Positive attention from the parents also helps. The guitar is the most popular instrument among children and there are a few good reasons for this:

● the guitar is (with a good cover) easy to take to class;

● the guitar is one of the cheapest instruments;

● it is a social instrument, where you can also learn to sing;

● with a guitar you can play in an orchestra as well as in a band;

● playing guitar is a lot of fun to do.

Have you been playing guitar for years? Even then you have come to the right place. The lessons for advanced students are given by a teacher who can also teach you enough.