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Church organ

Are you fascinated by church organs and would you like to play one yourself? You can take church organ lessons at Scholen in de Kunst. We do not have this special instrument in our buildings, but luckily we can go to a church in Amersfoort. In addition to classical organ pieces, it is also possible to take lessons in church organ pieces.

Children can start playing church organ with us from about the age of seven. With daily practice and positive attention from the parents, children learn quickly. The church organ is not an obvious choice for a child, but it is a nice instrument to learn to play, because:

● a church organ has a powerful, room-filling sound;

● a lot of special music has been written for church organs;

● you will be taught on an impressive church organ in an Amersfoort church!

Of course you can't store a church organ at home, but your child can practice on a keyboard instrument: this can be a piano, harmonium or an electronic instrument.

Advanced students can take lessons in harmonizing chorale melodies and improvising preludes, if desired. They will learn to master all facets of church organ playing, so that they are able to fill in a church service musically in an appropriate way. Pupils who want to focus more on classical organ playing will be taught literature playing in addition to the technical elements.