Yoga at 'Kinderyoga Magicflow'

During a yoga lesson, the children are playing, dancing, singing and relaxing. To combine this with yoga exercises i respond on their experience world. With themes about(among other)nature, the animal world, seasons and traditions(christmas, easter etc.)they discover not only life, but also explore with a lot of fun different poses, playing with their breath and the use of their senses. Yoga and mindfulness put down a good base for a healthy and balanced life.

'Yoga for children is planting a seed that they will benefit the rest of their life'

The children will be more calm and relax.
The lessons are free and easy, spontaneous and with a lot of movements. Creativity and imagination will be developed and stimulated. Children learn to 'work'/play together, will become more flexible, feel more at ease and are able to concentrate better. Everybody does what he's capable of and you are good as you are!