Toddlermusiclesson at B! Music School

Let your toddler or grandchild get acquainted with different rhythms and African percussion instruments. With the teacher, your toddler will embark on a unique musical rhythmic journey. Music will be played, and songs will be sung, together with dads, moms, uncles, aunts, caregivers, grandmas, or grandpas.

B! Music School is an institution for music education, organization, and presentation with a focus on urban cultures. In the context of talent development, identity, citizenship, and heritage, B! Music School provides in-school and out-of-school music education. B! Music School offers lessons in piano, guitar, violin, drums, singing, cello, and track & beatmaking, as well as toddler classes and Afro dance. The goal is to make out-of-school music education accessible to all children in Amsterdam.

BLOCK 1 In the first block, percussion instruments are mainly featured. This way, your child can easily come into contact with different rhythms. Various songs are also taught during this process.

BLOCK 2 The aim in the second block is to focus on a different instrument or multiple instruments, such as the cello, piano, and/or violin. This allows for a deeper exploration. The children learn to recognize different sounds and are allowed to touch the instruments.

BLOCK 3 Repeat the second block and work on the final presentation in collaboration with others.