Songwriting lessen bij DSOPM

Chris Kok (known from Wooden Saints, Über-Ich and Chris Kok & Civil Union) is part of the DSOPM team this year and offers coaching to starting and advanced singer-songwriters.

Everyone can write songs. But it can be difficult to take the first steps. If you are already well on your way, you can sometimes get stuck in your process. What is a song anyway? How do you write one? What works and what doesn't? How many "should you" write every year to call yourself a songwriter? What are the rules, or are they not at all? These questions are answered in the course. Through assignments you are forced to go to work or to leave your already beaten track. The course is meant to experiment, you decide what comes out. Chris gives personal feedback on your created work and ultimately there is the possibility to present your songs on stage. You don't have to be able to sing or play fantastic to take this course!