Painting sessions for everybody (age 3 - 100+)

Anyone is welcome at our place.

You paint freely here, for your own pleasure.

You can enjoy a space where everything is always ready for you and where we work with really high-quality materials.

We have a few rules for handling the material, which have to do with sustainability and community spirit.

We don't tell you what to do or give assignments. 

We don't talk about your painting, or how you are creating it. Your work stays in the Painting Room - you continue with it the next week or it is archived.

In the Painting Room, you come to paint about 30 times a year in a regular group. In this group there are small and grown-up people, some have a brush in their hand for the first time and others paint regularly, perhaps even in their profession.

Because the group is so diverse and the environment at the same time so safe and free, everyone quickly feels at home here.