Painter and drawing lessons at Atelier Jacomina van Loon


The course is suitable for children from 11 years old interested in painting and drawing. She focuses on the personal artistic development of each participant. The varying assignments and theme lessons always start with a small intro lecture about, for example: technique, materials, color, collage, art history, contemporary art, working method, etc.. For inspiration, we use light images to look at how other artists work and go we discover our own way of painting in the process. The topics are always chosen and adjusted to the questions and needs of the participants. The course forms a good basis for those who later want to choose a creative profession, but also as a pure painting pleasure she gives a lot of satisfaction and deepening. Monday afternoon and Wednesday evening are the regular course days. The groups are for a maximum of 10 people with all ages mixed together. The lessons are given by Jacomina van Loon, professional artist in full development.