Arts & crafts sessions at your home

A professional artist will host a creative session in the safety of your home. Add siblings and friends for just €10 per session. 

At Artsitters, we believe in the transformative power of creativity for children.

Our Arts & Crafts sessions are not just about making art; they're about fostering joy, self-expression, and meaningful connections. 

Drawing, painting and more!

Our artists cover a wide range of artistic activities, including:

  • Painting: Unleash the inner artist with vibrant colors.

  • Pottery and Clay Modeling: Molding and shaping clay into beautiful creations, exploring the world of 3D art and sculpture.

  • Drawing: Develop fine motor skills and imaginative expression.

  • Woodworking: Learn basic woodworking skills with safe, child-friendly materials.

  • Jewelry Making: Create unique and personalized accessories.


Does your child have a specific interest? Our artists tailor every session to the child’s specific needs and wishes. Email for more information.