compositie, piano, theorie, solfege lessen

What are the lessons?
I am teaching piano, theory, ear-training & composition. I graduated from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam as a classical/contemporary composer. My approach to teaching is highly influenced by my composition studies, both in stylistic diversity and in pedagogical methods. I'm open to what the students' needs are and what they find interesting and the lessons are adapted accordingly. It's important for me to share the love for music with my students and make sure they are enjoying the musical process.

When it comes to piano teaching, i find it important to teach in an overall way, one that incorporates ear-training but also theory together with piano playing. This way i find that the lesson becomes much more stimulating, and it also becomes much more easy to learn.

When it comes to composition, I'm coaching anyone who needs advice as to how to write their own music, how to develop their compositional tools, song-writing skills, how to translate conceptual ideas into practical material. This also applies to children, who might want to get the basics of making their own song, either on an instrument or on the computer.

Teaching method

My way of teaching is based on the love for playing/listening & making music. This is what I try to emphasize on when it comes to what the students take from our lessons. Music is for me firstly a fun activity and then a conscious learning process. I like to first see what my students find interesting, what they like and bring to the lessons and what they find hard, and adapt what we do according to that. I am very open to the stylistic choices of the students and adapt the lesson to fit their particular needs or interests. Any kind of lesson is possible, whether it includes listening, improvising, writing or singing to get to learn how to play.

Years of experience: 7

I have experience teaching adults but also kids between 4-18 years of age. I believe it is never late to start learning music and that learning to make music is (& should) firstly be a fun and then a challenging adventure.

Languages in which i teach:
English, Dutch, French, Italian, Greek

((composition only in english, french, italian or greek))